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During the event, equipped areas will be setted, adjacent to the places of the congress and workshops, where spaces will be prepared for the exhibitions of research projects products, posters relating to specific papers and equipped desks, reserved for companies, sponsors, laboratories and those institutions that intend to have greater visibility thanks to the organization of a space in which to develop meetings and to carry out tests about products.

It is foreseen the possibility to present exhibitions on research works performed through the use of drones, photographic campaigns, model elaborations and what is deemed appropriate to propose evaluated by the Organizing Committee and placed in the exhibition area set up for the event.

To submit your participation proposal with an exhibition, you must submit an abstract that describes, in addition to an identifying title, the main topics proposed in the exhibition, which contains some illustrative images of the work and which presents an exhibition draft project following the preset available format.

Research project 




The formula envisages to foster b2b and b2c activities by connecting producers, retailers, users and companies that are specialized in the production of products and services related to the world of drones for Cultural Heritage. It is foreseen the opportunity for the companies of the sector to request a demonstration space for the entire duration of the initiative through the appropriate downloadable form in the Registration section. Requests to participate will be evaluated by the scientific committee and by the organizing secretariat of the conference.

For the purposes of the evaluation, a short abstract will be required describing the activity of the company and the reasons that lead to the participation in the event.

Make your submission 

Download and fill the Exhibition Proposal Form.

All the proposal form must be sent by 23rd,  January  2022  to the following email address

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