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  • Drones Piloting Workshop (indicative timetable 10:00 am - 1:00 pm)

A short introductive drone piloting course is carried out. The course will cover the operation of the aircraft, safety procedures and basic maneuvers to pilot.

The course will be taught by an ENAC instructor, it will not issue licenses or patents, but it will be an occasion to begin to become familiar with the tools and to understand which procedures need to be developed in order to become a SAPR pilot.


  • Photogrammetry workshop by Drone (indicative timetable 2.30pm - 5.30pm)

Seminar dedicated to shooting techniques for the survey campaign project by photogrammetric acquisition using drones. Piloting and shooting practices on several case studies will be introduced and practical experiments will be carried out on photographic acquisition.

  • Information session on national and international guidelines about the use of drones (indicative timetable 17: 30-18: 30)


To request a space during the day of the conference it is required to download and send the appropriate proposal form and send it by December 23rd, 2020. Within the form you will be asked to attach a short abstract of the proposal to justify the request to the committee scientific.

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