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The Event 

The event takes place through the development of workshops, seminars and conferences, within a system of exhibitions, installations and stands dedicated to the drones world for Cultural Heritage.


During the three days of the event, workshops will be organized for different levels of depth study on the development of knowledge on drone piloting practices and for the development of photogrammetric procedures conducted through drone piloting.

The workshops are intended for Students, Ph.D. Students, young researchers and professionals who want to better understand what are the potential of these new tools for knowledge, detection and activities that can be conducted on Existing Heritage.


The workshop day will be on June 16th.




  • Defining the State of the Art in the field of survey and monitoring technologies through the use of drones.

  • Evaluating the performance of drones in relation to the different documentation requirements on Cultural Heritage.

  • Building a network of experts in the field of Cultural Heritage documentation through the use of drones.

  • Evaluating the most effective acquisition procedures and methods to develop functional models and systems for asset management.

  • Considering the directions of compatibility and integration of drone data with the panorama of range-based and image-based methodological processes, pointing out strategies of interconnection.

  • Analyzing the nature and definition of outputs, obtained from data integration, comparing databases and models, in terms of quality and detail, with products and information from other instruments of survey practice.

  • Promote the knowledge about the law apparatus on remote piloting.

  • Define research guidelines for the development of applications for the use of drones for heritage protection.

16th June 2022

Workshop Day

The day of June 16th is dedicated to the realization of workshops and training seminars on the use of Drones for survey.


 A base piloting course is carried out. The course will cover operations of the aircraft, safety procedures and basic maneuvers to pilot. The course will be taught by an instructor from ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) it will not issue licenses or patents, but it will be an occasion to start a level of confidence with the tools and to

understand which procedures need to be                         developed in order to become a SAPR pilot.


    Seminar dedicated to shooting techniques for the       survey campaign project by photogrammetric           acquisition using drones. Piloting and shooting             practices on several case studies will be                             introduced and practical experiments will be                   developed on photographic acquisition.


Round tables for the understanding of main contents of the legislation and law on drones at different policy scales, Global (ICAO), European (EASA) and Italian (ENAC), in order to forward proposals for revision and updating in consideration of technical and operational specifications in research and professional perspective on the use of UAVs.

17th-18th June 2022
Conference Day

The two conference days are the main event. Speakers and international experts will be presented to illustrate the research and experiences carried out in Cultural Heritage documentation through the use of drones, in the various sessions of the conference according to the selected TOPIC.

The Conference, organized in parallel sessions, includes panels of 4 or 8  interventions lasting 20 minutes each, moderated by a sector expert.

The preliminary program of the congress will be available at the end of the contributions evaluation.

The D-SITE 2022 

programme is Available

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