Important Dates & Procedure


Jannuary 2021

Acceptance paper



March 2021


Conference registration


May 2021


 Payment of the participation fee


It is strongly recommended to respect the dates indicated in order to facilitate the organization of the event and to guarantee the quality of the revisions. It is NOT allowed to submit abstracts but only complete contributions, organized according to the editorial rules available in the template section of the submission page. Contributions sent by December 9, 2020, without data relating to the authors, will be sent to two anonymous reviewers chosen by the Scientific Committee. Through a careful analysis they could accept the manuscripts, sometimes requesting modifications or additions, or they could reject them. The results will be communicated on January 20, 2021. It is mandatory to complete the registration to the event in order to be entitled to the publication of the contribution and the oral presentation during the conference. Registrations made by March 20, 2021 will benefit from a discount. Those one made after May 18, 2021 will result in the exclusion from the acts and program of the event.

The list of speakers and moderators of the different sessions will be published in the days following the date of May 20, 2021.


December 2020

Paper Submission deadline





To participate in the event with an exhibition, it is necessary to apply to the scientific committee through the appropriate application format able from the Exhibition page  of the conference website. The deadline for sending the application related to the request of spaces for exhibition setups on research projects is scheduled for 23 January 2021.

Please note that a special space will be dedicated to the exhibitions in the conference proceedings and that the authors will be asked to write an short text describing the exhibition and the project.


January 2021


Exposition Application

Submission deadline

To participate in the individual workshops scheduled for the day of June 17 2021, it is necessary to register by completing the format that will be able from the Registration page of the conference website. The deadline for sending registration applications is May 2nd, 2021.

Please note that a participation certificate will be released to the participants at the end of the workshop.



May 2021


Workshop Application

Submission deadline

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