In this section all the templates needed to make a submissions related to the conference, workshops, exhibitions are avaiable.


All the submission form must be sent by 09, December 2020  

to the following email address


To participate to the conference with a report it is required to send a full paper no later than 09, January 2021.

The full paper will be submitted to an evaluation by the organizing and the scientific committee by double blinding peer review procedure. Among these will be selected the contributions that will be presented in the communications during the various sessions of the conference. It is recommended to download and fill out the template.



During the days of the conference, it is possible to exhibit a poster summarizing the presented research, an activity carried out with regards to the theme of the use of drones, photographic campaigns, model elaborations and other appropriate presentations. The proposals will be evaluated by the organizing committee and placed in the exhibition space set for the event. This opportunity is mainly directed to at students, Ph.D students and university laboratories. To participate, it is required to download the poster template form available below in order to prepare the poster according to the editorial rules of the conference.


If selected for an oral presentation, it is downloadable the power point template to prepare the presentation speech.

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